UFC 202 - Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2

UFC 202 Live Stream

UFC 202 was formally announced during International Fight Week. It is estimated that nearly 15,000 people will be attending this special event at the T-Mobile Arena on August 20, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hope ufc 202 is vital for every mixed martial arts fan to get their UFC 202 Ticket to avoid missing a magnificent sporting event that will feature some of the best fighters in the game today.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz will be featured in the main event. These gentlemen will be squaring off against each other for the second time this year. Before their first match, McGregor was considered to be in class by himself. Many mixed martial arts fans and insiders did not think that Diaz stood a chance against the brash Irish featherweight champion of the world.


To everyone’s surprise, Diaz was able to withstand McGregor’s pressure and wild power punches. Diaz, a world-class jiu-jitsu expert, used his range to stay at a safe distance. Diaz weathered the early storm and took McGregor to the ground. On the ground, Diaz was able to get McGregor to tap-out. A rear-necked choke slowed down McGregor’s dream of taking over another division.

To ensure there’s ufc 202 stream not going to be a repeat of what happened in the first fight, McGregor brought in a slew of new training partners to help him get ready for a bigger opponent in Diaz.


McGregor has been working with several professional boxers, who have a body type similar to that of Diaz, as well as world-class Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners such as Dillan Danis to hone his ground skills.

When he signed to face Diaz the last time, McGregor had only 10 days to prepare for the change of opponents, after he was originally scheduled to fight former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

Still, McGregor had no problem saying he’d dispatch Diaz inside the first round, and he lived to eat his words following a stunning second-round submission - his first defeat inside the Octagon.


Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 To his credit, McGregor called his shot against Chad Mendes in July 2015 and did the same for his first-round finish of Jose Aldo to win the featherweight title. McGregor gives Diaz a little more respect ahead of the rematch, but says he still doesn’t see how the fight makes it past 15 minutes.


“I just got into saying I was going to stop the guy in the first round,” McGregor explained. “If I really look at it, I thought he has a solid chin, he’s durable, very experienced, he has the size and the weight on me. I think that was the wrong thing, to go in expecting the first round, and I did go out to KO him in the first round. I marched forward and backed him up and teed off on his head. I did what I said I would do, but respect to him. He stuck it out, he was durable, he was experienced, he weathered the storm in ufc 202 stream.


“But this time, I’m still going to march forward, I’m still going to press him, I’m still going to bust him, there’s just going to be a lot more in my tank. I’m going to be a lot more prepared for a man that can stay in there with me. Even still, I struggle to give him past round three.” Hope people enjoy this ufc 202 live streaming from here!